commonly answered questions

how do I pay?

There are many different options to pay at After you have clicked the 'BUY' button from one of the merchandise 'ITEM' pages, you should be automatically transferred to the 'SHOPPING CART' page. This page should list the selected merchandise's: Item #, Description, Quantity, Price Each, & Total. If you want to continue shopping, click on the 'CONTINUE SHOPPING' button underneath, or if you have decided not to purchase the item/s listed, click the 'REMOVE' button inside the Item List.

If you are finished shopping and are ready to pay for your selection, select a method of payment from the choices listed: Credit Card, Personal Check, By Mail, By Telephone, or By Fax. Then click the 'CHECKOUT' button on the bottom. This will take you to the billing process page where you are required to fill out all the forms requested including: Billing Information, Shipping Information, and Choice of Shipping Method. If you are not ready to checkout yet, you can click on the 'BACK' button to continue shopping or modify your items in the shopping cart. Otherwise click the 'CONTINUE' button and follow any other steps requested in correspondence to the information you have given.

If you are completely unable to get to any of the points above...
then please feel free to call us to place an order by phone. Our number is: 1+(503) 236-7542 You can also place an order by Fax.  Our fax number is: 1+ (503-236-7542. Please fax the print out of invoice with merchandise information.  This will make it easier for us to find your selection in our 'Monster' warehouse.

are there special discounts or sale items?

Special prices are available through our 'WHOLESALE' option on our site. This is only available for bulk orders over 100 items and only after you are accepted as a wholesale member after completing our online registration. This is a great option for vintage clothing stores looking to stock up on cool clothing and accessories while saving huge amounts of cash and time from having to hunt  through tons of clothing. We have the 'Monster' stock your looking for!

We do not offer any special deals, annual sales, or surprise discounts.
All of our 'Monster' stock in clothing and accessories is a special deal because our online store is constantly updated with new merchandise including our special features for each item, such as 'CLOSE-UP' - Large image of merchandise, 'LABEL' - Picture showing the brand tag / brands named measurements / fabric, 'TEXTURE' - Image showing up close view fabric weave, feel, or pattern, and 'FLIP-SIDE' - Another view of item from the back, inside, or reversed. Plus, we also give you 'WRITTEN DESCRIPTIONS' to help you completely appreciate the quality and characteristics of each item we sell. That's why we believe that your getting the best possible price you can find anywhere online. We're 'Monster' from head to toe!

why can’t I see the merchandise pictures?

There are a few reasons that you might not be able to view specific merchandise pictures on your computer.

Our web-site uses dHTML to display pages in the merchandise section of the web-site, which is only supported by 'INTERNET EXPLORER 4.0 +' and 'NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR 4.0 +'. If you are running any other 'EARLIER BROWSER VERSION' then you can not view the 'IMAGES' in the 'GRAPHIC MERCHANDISE' pages. You can download the 'LATEST VERSIONS' of either of these browsers for 'FREE' from their company web-site.

If you only see 'WRITTEN DESCRIPTIONS' including the price and the 'BUY' option, then you are inside our 'SPEED BROWSE' section of our site. This section is a easy 'TEXT ONLY' version of our merchandise pages for quick searching of specific items and simple scanning of our 'Monster' stock. To see the 'GRAPHIC VERSION' of the merchandise, you can click on the 'HOME' link from the 'BOTTOM SITE LINKS' always located dead bottom of each 'BACKEND PAGE'. We truly are the 'Monster', aren't we?