Travel back in history with and create a unique style with our vintage fashions that include original clothing and accessories from the turn of the century to the 1990's. Every item we carry has personality and a story behind it that cannot be replicated by your typical modern clothing manufacturer.

About the clothing we sell

All of the clothing we sell at is used unless stated otherwise. Keep in mind that vintage clothing is not laundered and may show some signs of aging; it can also be very delicate. We do our very best to describe the condition of each item accurately for your understanding. It is important to understand that item colors can vary depending on the monitor you are using.

What is vintage?

Vintage can be described as whatever your passion is from decades past; vintage wine, vintage cars, vintage jewelry, and more. At Monstervintage we sell vintage clothing that was made in the 1900's through the 1990's. Vintage clothing to us is authentic, high quality fashions that represent the past culture of the USA. Today, cheap China made clothing is our culture; even expensive designer wear is often manufactured in China. It is our honor to sell vintage clothing because it was made in America with pride and real craftsmanship. Vintage is from an era when people cared about how they dressed and did not leave in pajamas to the grocery store. Some vintage has become very collectible and quite valuable today.

Now for a little history! Permanent press changed American lifestyles because women no longer had to iron every day. Polyester pant suits opened the door for women to choose something other than dresses. Levi's jeans and t-shirts became an American icon and continue to be sought after worldwide. Who does not want a pair of comfortable broken in jeans? Nylon jogging suits and spandex leotards introduced the whole aerobic era of the 80's with bright neon colors.

Vintage includes historical eras in fashion design ranging from Gregorian of the 1900's to Grunge of the 1990's. Common terms for each era include Gregorian 1900's, Edwardian 1910's, Roaring Twenties 1920's, Depression 1930's, Fabulous Era 1950's, Swing 1940s, Mod/Hippie 1960's, Retro 1970's, Disco 1980's, and Grunge 1990's.

Our Drive

Grab a refreshing beverage, enjoy the experience our website provides, and take comfort in knowing that we are devoted to supplying you with recyclable vintage fashion.

Our passion is to bring our monster stash of vintage fashions to you. We aim to be the source of style for everyone with a desire for individual self-expression: international, national, local, ethnic, cultural, young and old. One-of-a-kind vintage eliminates the risk of wearing the same old name brand, department store, cookie cutter clothes that everyone else has.

We strive to make the task of buying traditional vintage clothing easy and enjoyable for you. Our monster online gallery brings you the convenience of shopping for vintage fashion from anywhere at any time. Detailed pictures and descriptions make it simple to find retro and vintage clothes for your personal style.

Why "Monster" Vintage?

We figure if there must be a Monster in your closet, then let it be clothing from Monster Vintage! Individuality is one of humanity's greatest gifts. It is a point of pride in our American culture: we are all unique! Yet too often we fear sticking out in the crowd; we fear being a little different. Well, Monster Vintage is about facing that fear and wearing clothes that celebrate the real, one-of-a-kind individual that you are. features a monster collection of vintage fashions, showcasing decades of clothing and accessories from past eras that will never die. We are one of the nation�s oldest and most reputable online vintage clothing retailers.

Our dynamic inventory has all of the great years of fashion. It dates from the early 1900's to the 1990's. We have one of the largest stocks of vintage and retro fashions around as well as the best kept stock of classics for you trend breakers!

Monster Vintage adds new clothing every week and opens new departments as the fashion world ebbs and flows, slowly mixing the best fashions of the last century with the eye of today.

Many designers, theaters, film creators, magazines, TV shows and pageants buy authentic vintage clothing from We provide a reference point in the vintage industry, commonly regaled as the most reliable source of vintage clothing today. Small networks of incredibly talented fashion advisers help keep us on top of the latest fashion waves to ensure we maintain our position as head monster in the constantly changing tide of fashion.

Established in 1997 first started in the late 90's as an Exporter and supplied many well-known Vintage Clothing stores in Japan. When the traumatic 9/11 event happened, everything changed! Mountains of vintage clothes were waiting to be shipped to Japan but like the buildings that fell to the ground, so did the export business. What on earth were we to do with all this vintage clothing? As with most tragedies, you have to keep going and a website was born. All the "Vintage Clothing" dot coms were taken and as we brainstormed for a name, a young wild kitty jumped about and it came to us, MONSTER, like the kittens name and so was born in 2001. We�re in the beautiful Pacific Northwest nestled in Winston, OR.

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selling? we’re buying men’s vintage

On occasion we come across rare and quality vintage pieces that we will purchase at wholesale prices, from folks like yourself. We also are happy to buy from estates, liquidators and collectors.

We are currently focusing on buying vintage men’s clothing from the 1970’s or before. Please refrain from sending us information or photos of vintage women’s clothing (unless it is a piece that is very rare and in excellent condition). You can get an idea of our current stock by browsing our website. If you’re in our local area we can schedule an appointment for you to bring in your clothing, or if you have a large quantity we can come to you.

Given the unique nature of vintage clothing prices can only be established once we see the individual pieces.

what type of men’s vintage?

Specifically, we are focusing on men’s vintage in the following categories:

  • 1940’s suits
  • Vintage Levi’s clothing from the 1960’s or before
  • Hawaiian shirts from the 1960’s or before
  • Vintage cotton tee shirts
  • Vintage military items
  • Vintage men’s motorcycle jackets
  • Other very rare men’s clothing

what about other vintage clothing?

If you believe that you have a very rare and quality piece (or more) of vintage clothing, please send us the following:

  • a picture
  • a short description (2-4 sentences max)

With that we can let you know if it is something we would be interested in purchasing.

what about my grandmother’s fur jacket or antique hats?

There are many fantastic vintage furs and hats out there. Unfortunately, we simply cannot buy them all. You will know if you have something extremely special or rare if there is no other like it on our website.

what about rags (used / mixed clothing)?

Currently we are buying baled thrift store clothing in unlimited quantities. We pay competitive market prices for used mixed clothing rags, purses, shoes and belts. Container loads outside our area are trucked shipping paid.

Smaller quantities of rags can be brought to Portland as often as needed or we can schedule a weekly pickup.

We also take donations for small amounts of clothing to keep the landfills free of usable textiles that are needed in developing countries.

what happens if I have clothing that monster vintage decides to purchase?

After we have seen photos of your vintage clothing and determined that they are items we would like to purchase, we will send you an email with a price we would like to pay you. If the price works for you, we will send you payment via check or direct to your PayPal account. You are also welcome to send us a price you would like to be paid for the items.

We will then begin a two-step shipping process (assuming you have many items for us). For the first step, we will send FED-EX to pick up a few of your items, to start with. After receiving your initial set of vintage items, we will determine if we would like to purchase more from you. In which case, the second step is that we will FED-EX back out to you to collect more items.

If you are outside of the Portland/Vancouver area we will arrange for a pick up with UPS. When your clothes arrive we’ll call or email you to go over the prices.

In order to easily expedite the FED-EX or UPS process to pick up a box of your vintage clothing, we will need the following information:

To schedule a pick up FED-EX or UPS will bring a pre-printed label. We will need your:

  • name
  • address
  • phone number (with area code)
  • a brief description of the contents in your shipment
  • the approximate size & weight of your shipment

Don’t forget to include your contact information inside the package. Clothing we do not buy can be returned or donated. Payments can be made through PayPal or by mail.

can I request monster vintage return the items I sold?

Once the mutual transaction agreement has been made, your clothing has been shipped to us and our payment has been received by you, this will be considered a final sale and one that cannot be reversed.

specialized wholesalers & exporters

We export bulk textiles and mixed rags to India, Pakistan, Haiti and Africa. We also sell specialized vintage clothing to store owners in the USA, UK and Japan. Wholesale buying procedures depend on your circumstances and the quantity of your order.


We ship Ocean cargo containers of bulk mixed clothing and shoes to developing countries where there is a great need for recycled used clothing. The buyer will arrange shipping on mixed rags. All containers are pre-paid in full. Once we get the deposit for the shipment it will be loaded into containers. The containers leave from a port in Portland, Oregon so they can be loaded more heavily than containers that have to travel over the road system.

handpick your vintage from our monster selection

Vintage clothing buyers looking to buy wholesale can come to Winston, Oregon to hand pick their vintage. We can also ship out compact bales to you. Prices start at $5.00 per lb for mixed vintage clothing. Preferably, it’s best to pick from our pre-sorted vintage to fit your style.


Welcome to! We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience at our awesome online vintage store. If you have additional questions (i.e. measurements), we are only an e-mail or phone call away. Please email us or call 503-236-7542, and we will respond as soon as possible.


Packages are sent out by USPS Priority Mail (Monday thru Friday). An email with tracking information will go out at time of shipping.


Shipping within the USA is $6.95 for US Domestic via USPS Priority Mail for orders up to 1½ lbs ($12.95 for multiple items). Most deliveries occur within 2-3 days of shipping.


USPS - Overnight shipping is USD $24.00 for orders under 1 lb. Please note that overnight shipping may take longer if you live in a rural area.

UPS - Guaranteed Overnight delivery is USD $45.00


Global Priority Airmail is USD $24.00 for small single item purchases weighing 1.5 lbs or less. Multiple item purchases are $26.95 & up.

International Parcel Post Air is USD $24.00 for up to 1.5 lbs. and will take 5-10 days in most countries.

Global Express starts at USD $28.00 depending on package weight and size and takes 4-7 days most countries. Please note that you (as the buyer) will pay all International Duties.

returns / refunds

Take a look at the following guidelines to learn about how we deal with returns. Following these can get you credit or a different item at no extra charge; we also offer refunds.

  • send an email to our ’returns’ box at
  • include all of the original information (including the invoice / receipt) with the return
  • get the item to us (at within 5 days of when you received it
  • refund-type returns must have original receipt

Shipping costs are not refunded. Also please note that we are not responsible for lost, uninsured or unidentified items.

When makes a mistake we do not charge you for shipping.

International returns have an extended return deadline.

formal wear & rare find returns

Formal Wear and clothing in the Rare Finds sections are returnable with a 50% restocking fee. Please check your measurements.


The privacy of your personal information is important to us. secures the personally identifiable information you provide in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. We will not pass any personal information on to companies or organizations that are not affiliated with our online business.

payment options

We accept payments through PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. We also accept payments in the form of USD Checks*, Cashier Checks, and Money Orders.

Orders made online can be securely paid for with PayPal or an accepted Credit Card at You can also Email or Phone in your order (we take eChecks by phone).

Billing will show as ‘’ on your financial statements.

mail-in orders

To mail in your order please go through the check-out process online and then print your order. Send the printed copy of your order with the payment to:
PO Box 987
Winston, OR 97496

*Payment by mail must be received within 10 days from when you place your order.

phone-in orders

Call us during normal business hours at (503) 236-7542.
Or after hours or week-ends reach us at (503) 780-6316.