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1880's Victorian Mantelet Velvet Small


Antique 1880's Victorian Sapphire Velvet "Visiting Mantelet" or "Mantelet Visite". An very unique unusual piece of fashion history! Rare "visite mantelet" from the Victorian era, specifically the era of the bustle. What caught our eye first is that the mantelet is specially cut higher in the back to allow room for the bustle, which in the 1880's was fairly large. The front of the garment consists of two "lappets" that hang down and end in blue pom poms, probably silk. There are more pom poms at the collar and in the back, where the bustle would have come out. The sleeves are not part of the overall mantelet, which is to say that they're separate. The mantelet's collar is a high collar, also typical of the 1880's, resembling a Mandarin or priest-style collar. The inside has soft pink quilted lining. Another reminder of the function of the mantelet's is a tie used to help keep the garment in place. Although the garment has some flaws; pin pricks, a few discolored spots, and some pom poms missing, this is a beautiful piece reminding us that Victorian fashion was not all olive, brown, rust, and black jet!

Size: XS-Small, slender shoulders and arms.

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