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1940's USAF Uniform Tunic Patches 38L


Vintage 1940's wool Uniform Jacket. Brass buttons with Army Eagle emblem. 12th AAF fought in 10 campaigns, patch depicting a winged WW2 AAF white star with the number “12” in the center red disk, rank patch, Fully embroidered 3-inch diameter black patch depicting the "Aviation Cadet" gold winged propeller design. Sleeve patch 1-3/4" x 3" fully embroidered patch depicting white wings, blue wavy lines representing the ocean & letters “MAAF,” Mediterranean Allied Air Force, established 1943 to combine, under a single command, Allied aircraft operating in the WW2 Mediterranean Theatre of Operations. MAAF supported ground forces at Anzio, Cassino, Rome, as well as, supporting Allied invasion of France & denying German resistance on land, sea & air in that area. Couple of tiny repairs, in near excellent condition.

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