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Feeding Friend


Self-Inflating Valve: Ready to provide support in seconds!
Unique Wedge Shape: Supporting parents as baby grows
Removable Cover: Easy to remove and wash when needed
Storage Bag: Fits inside your baby bag
Suitable for both breastfed and bottle fed babies

Feeding Friend is the world's first self-inflating, wedge shaped nursing pillow on the market, designed by a husband and wife duo in Australia, to provide quick and easy arm support for both moms and dads while on the go. Great for cafes, parks and travelling in cars and planes as Feeding Friend inflates in seconds! Feeding Friend has a unique wedge shape that may help babies with colic by helping babies heads higher than their stomachs in order to help keep milk in their bellies. Carrying your baby, multiple times a day, for lengthy periods of time causes strain on the neck, shoulders, back and especially in your wrists which may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Feeding Friend helps parents by providing truly portable arm support for the modern day parent so they are no longer stuck at home and don't have to carry big unsightly pillows everywhere when they go out and about. Feeding Friend is suitable for moms, dads, aunts, uncles and especially grandparents. Feeding Friend is also 100% fully recyclable.

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